Suzuran Bible Baptist Church

Suzuran Bible Baptist Church

A church in KitaHiroshima Japan

A Place Where you Feel at Home


We worship God as a church family, and glorify Him through our lives.


We encourage and support each other in faith and love to grow spiritually each day.


We obey the Great Commission by preaching Christ's salvation and love to our neighbors, in Japan and by supporting missionaries around the world.

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What do you like about Suzuran?

I started attending Suzuran when I began living alone. Being far away from home, the members who have the same faith at Suzuran became my second family. Each week I learn much, am encouraged, and filled with joy.

20's Male

Suzuran has Bible teaching, events and fellowship time for every age group. Each week I look forward to attending Suzuran, as I know I will learn new things through the Bible teaching!

40's Female

Suzuran is a warm and loving church. They have great programs for each age group, and it is a great place to attend as a family!

30's Female

From the moment I stepped inside Suzuran, I felt a warmth as though I was with family. I wasn't a Christian when I first attended, but the church welcomed me from the first day. Now, Suzuran has become my family.

60's Female

Contact Us

Suzuran Bible Baptist Church
1-18 Shintomi-Cho Nishi KitaHiroshima-Shi Hokkaido Japan
TEL 011-373-9224